Pop Culture Monday Updates

In addition to my rants and outrageous thoughts and phases—I actually have hobbies. Real life hobbies. That I am incredibly passionate about. Therefore my blog will be an extension of who I am and what I love as well. I will sporadically post book reviews, music reviews, and even film/television reviews. And weekly, I would like to post my “currents”—what I am working on, reading, listening to, and watching. That way you all know I am just not some complain-ey millennial, but a woman with interests.

I have also been meeting really amazing people on Goodreads, Twitter, and other blogs who share my interests. So this is a way to connect with all of you, too.



Sleeping on the floor- The Lumineers

Sky- Birds of Bellwoods

Never Come Back Again- Austin Plaine

Drums Make Me Happy- The Golden Hippie


Outlander- Diana Gabaldon

Everland- Wendy Spinale

The Boy with Words- C.E. Wilson

Falling Kingdoms- Morgan Rhodes


Captain America: Civil War—it’s as good as everyone and EW has said it is.

Dirty Grandpa—I mean, I am not going to say I didn’t laugh. I love Zoey Deutch, even though The Vampire Academy didn’t do as well as anticipated, she killed it as Rosemary. So this was my main attraction, and Zac’s abs didn’t hurt either, but there was a lot of forced humor which kind of made it “meehhh” at some points

Lap Dance—before you guys think I am a freak, Briana Evigan is in this and I loved her in Step Up (that makes me a freak), but this film was awful. You are welcome for watching it so you didn’t have to.


Vikings- I AM OBSESSED, Lagertha you are my woman crush everyday.

Game of Thrones- I am just starting Season One but have kept up with it because Charles loves it.

The Americans—Sometimes I find myself cheering for KGB Agents which makes me feel like a terrible American



Me Before You by JoJo Moyes—and I am sure a lot of people out there that are reading this as well.

Listen, I cried so hard that I had to put the book down because my mascara was starting to sting my eyes and I could no longer continue to see the words. But when I say that a book has the ability to change an individual’s outlook on life, I am talking specifically about this. Lou Clark is relatable, charming, and unapologetic. And not unapologetic in the way that people are so blunt and open about their lives and careless of how others perceive them—but unapologetic in the way that she embraces being weird and accepts being awkward– she doesn’t shy away from it.

Is there romance? Yes. Of course. It’s a chick-lit and these types of novels are founded on budding love and the messy, life altering pain that accompanies it. But it’s also about choices as well. And the notion that every human is entitled to one regardless of how others feel about the choice that is being made.

Don’t read this expecting a love story that is going to sweep you off your feet, but as a lesson.

And if you read this story and learned nothing—then you ultimately missed the point of it.


Three Chapters in, hoping to have the next three done by the end of the week. I am starting classes my new classes today, but it’s a challenge that I am accepting!

I am working on a YA Fantasy novel! It’s such an incredible world and plot that was inspired by niece and nephews zealous love for Rapunzel. When Tangled is playing, they are completely immersed in a different world, similar to the one I am in when I write. One night I was discussing the idea with my cousin Dan, the imaginative and ingenious human that he is, and he encouraged me to not only continue to build this world, but start a blog documenting my journey. And because of his ambitious demeanor, he followed up with me on my progress, and not only suggested ideas, but aided in building a world that I had only dreamt and scribbled about. This is as much yours, Dan, as it is mine. And I am looking forward to witness Lorne’s and Mooney’s journey with you.

Then there is Tracy Torres. I called her at like 9pm on weeknight rambling about my ideas and intentions, and instead of telling me I was crazy, she agreed to critique my chapters and give me honest feedback—which has been so incredibly helpful. Tracy witnessed all my awkward middle school/high school days in addition to being my second softball mom and getting me to practice and games. And pushed me to do better on the field as well. So thank you! For that and this.

I will be adding updates about this throughout the journey, the initial intention for this blog, and I look forward to all of you reading this to join me for all of it.

Beta Reading and Reviewing:

I met this really rad author on Goodreads and she sent me a few of her chapters. Once she is more public about her work, I will ask her to add something to my blog about it. BUT IT’S INCREDIBLE. I wish I could add more. As of right now, I am waiting for the next ten. Impatiently. BECAUSE IT’S THAT GOOD.

C.E. Wilson is sending me over her novel, The Boy with Words, which I will be reviewing. My first actual book review, and I will be posting that on here as well. She writes young adult fantasy novels—my favorite.

I have a friend helping me with the layout and such, trying to find an easier way allow you guys to subscribe since I have gotten a lot of questions on that, so look out for that! I work fulltime and take classes, too. So. I’m a busy bee. But shout out to MY Nikki, my person. Thanks for pushing me to do this. And for being my fangirl.

Stayed tuned.

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