So, hey.

Welcome friends and family and strangers, but mostly my mom because I am sure she is the only one who is ever going to read this (why’re you so obsessed me with me, mom?)

Anyways, everyone–okay so I am generalizing here, tells me I should have my own blog. Why? No idea. I am articulately challenged, perpetually awkward, and speak in hyphenated words that no one really understands, expect maybe my friends– all three or four of them.

But I have a lot going on in my life right now. So if you’d like to witness that journey, stay and have some tea.

I am working on a YA Fantasy novel that will blow your socks off (really weird idiom though, right? Like, I barely wear socks), and if doesn’t then I will feel really foolish.

I am pursing my Masters in Marketing.

And sometimes I pretend I am a retirement specialist as well.

I say pretend because I can barely take care of my own finances.

But most of all I am twenty-something year old who goes through crazy phases like every other millennial out there. But why am I special? Because I …. Well I am still working on that. Right now. As I type this.

A lot of these posts will focus on my eccentric thoughts– whether it’s a book, music, or film review. A list of ways explaining how I am trying to adult. Or rants that I don’t have the energy to say out loud.

Exhibit A: Currently, I have decided to dip my toes into becoming a minimalist—the whole less isn’t more because less is actually less stress lifestyle. I recently read that minimalists get anxious in Target. I feel like I am already failing. I love Target. I can buy pickles and a new t-shirt all in the same trip (I am also single, so just … don’t do that). And then there’s the part about giving away your books after you read them. Absolutely not. I would first give away my little sister than let some heathen borrow a book and not return it.

I also am eagerly looking forward to learning how to make my own Kombucha. Guys, I am a bit of an earth muffin, okay?

But I am rambling now. And you will learn more about my minimalist phase. My novel. Me. In other posts. And maybe I’ll even add videos. Once I figure all that techy stuff out (I am a pitiful millennial.)

If you actually read all of that, you have too much time on your hands.



One thought on “So, hey.

  1. The mind of the mermaid is amazingly unique and finally exposed for all to see. How exciting! To allow that creative masterpiece to remain all cooped up in that cranium, served no purpose to the waiting world willing to experience the phenomenon named Ariel. This should be a fun 😉

    Liked by 1 person

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